Policy / Warranty


We require a 50% deposit on all orders before the building process starts, and full payment at the time of pick-up or prior to delivery. Full payment is required for in-stock and temporarily out of stock items before the items will be shipped.


Orders cancelled within three (3) business days after the date written on the order will receive a full refund of deposit.

  1. Non-custom items: Any non-custom items may be returned, with prior notification to our sales staff, within fourteen (10) days of receipt, less original shipping and handling costs, and a 35% restocking fee. Return freight is the responsibility of the customer. Upon receiving returned merchandise Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd. will I inspect the item[s] for damage, and if in acceptable condition, will issue the appropriate refund. Returns will not be accepted for furniture that has been damaged, mishandled, abused or neglected, as
  2. determined in the sole and exclusive discretion of
  3. Amish Heirloom Furniture.
  4. Custom Items: Custom items may be returned in original purchase condition, with prior notification and approval from our sales staff, within fourteen (10) days of receipt,less original shipping and handling costs, and a 55% restocking fee. Return freight is the responsibility of the customer.
  5. Upon receiving returned merchandise
    Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd. will inspect the item[s] for damage, and if in acceptable condition, issue the appropriate refund. Returns will not be accepted for furniture that has been damaged, mishandled, abused

Back Orders

Certain items must be backordered due to limited availability of certain options (i.e. fabric, stain, etc.). If any options require a backorder, customer may select a different option. No cancellations or refunds will be issued for backordered options.

Change Orders

Any change to an order (e.g., change of wood, stain, or other options) must be made within three (3) calendar days afte after ordering. Changes made to an order (excluding the purchase of additional products) after 3 calendar days will be subject to a Change Order Fee of $100, in addition to the cost of the item or option changed. No offset or credit will be provided for prior options that are cancelled. Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd. shall not be liable for changes requested by the customer.

Furniture Release

Full and final payment (including sufficient time for personal checks to clear) is required prior to release of furniture for delivery or pickup.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Furniture

Customer assumes full responsibility for sufficient clearing of the area (e.g., doorways, hallways, stairways, etc.) in Customer's home to allow for delivery of the furniture, and reloading/ hook up of any electronic components (as applicable). Customer assumes full responsibility for ensuring that furniture will fit the space, purpose and use intended by Customer. Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd and its delivery staff shall not be responsible for moving current furniture or obstructions during the delivery process. Customer's failure to prepare the intended location for delivery, as determined in the sole and exclusive discretion of Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd and its delivery staff, may prevent delivery from occurring and therefore result in re-delivery charges. (See Furniture Shipping/Deliveries/Pickups below).

Furniture Dimensions

Furniture sizes and dimensions are issued by Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd. suppliers and vary from builder to builder. They are provided as a service to Customer, and are approximations which should be verified independently by Customer. The measurements provided by Amish Heirloom Furniture Ltd are either case width or outer most corners Of the pieces. Customer assumes all risk regarding determinations of furniture size and fit. WFS disclaims all representations provided and shall not be liable for any errors in information provided. In no event shall a mistake in size or fit of furniture result in invalidation of an order or refund. All returns will be handled per Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd Return Policy as set forth herein.

Defective Items

Upon receiving an order, Customer shall promptly check for shipping damage or other defects. If damage occurred to the shipping and packaging containers (boxes, etc.), Customer should note the damage on the freight bill before signing the freight bill. If damage has occurred to the furniture during shipment, Customer must refuse the shipment and immediately notify Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd staff. Notification to Amish Heirlooms Furniture of hidden damage or problems shall be provided within three (3) business days of receipt. If damage is verified, Amish Heirlooms furniture, will repair, replace, or send new parts at our expense, in our sole and exclusive discretion. [Note: For shipping handled other than through Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd by a Third Party Shipper (“TPS”), the TPS shall be solely responsible for any occurring in transit, according to the policies of the TPS. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd shall have no liability or responsibility for damage occurring through the acts or omissions of a TPS.]

Manufacturer's Warranties

At Customer's request and in the sole and exclusive discretion of Amish Heirlooms Furniture for appropriate cases, Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd will provide assistance to Customer in facilitating valid claims against applicable manufacturer's warranties. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd will not be responsible for any costs, including but not limited to shipping costs, incurred by Customer in the processing of claims under manufacturer warranties. Questions regarding warranties should be directed to Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd staff with a copy of Customer's original invoice, and include the applicable make, model, and serial number of the product.


At Customer's request, Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd will provide repair services at Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd standard hourly rates (current rate is $109 per hour). Repair services are available when the product has no available warranty.

Estimated Time to Build Furniture

Estimates are provided to Customer as a convenience based on Amish Heirloom Furniture past experience in the manufacture of similar products. No representation or guarantee is made that the product will in fact be available or delivered on any specific date.

Returned Checks

All checks returned for insufficient funds are subject to a $65.00 service charge.

Closeout Sales

All “close-out” or clearance items are final sales and sold “AS IS” and with NO warranty. No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be issued.


The appearance of the wood used to build a particular product may be different than that of the wood used in the furniture observed on the showroom floor or on the WFS website. This is due to natural characteristics of the wood and the hand craftsmanship used to create each individual piece. It may also be due to settings on a particular web browser. Therefore, no guarantee is made with respect to the color of the fabrics, the appearance of the wood and the finishes displayed on the web site.


Hardwoods may contain mineral deposits, pits, gum streaks, small pin holes, knots, color differences, unusual grain patterns, darker heart wood, lighter sap wood, etc. However, it is these attributes that comprise the beauty of hardwood furniture. No two items are exact duplicates, and therefore Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd makes no representation or guarantee that Customer's furniture will appear exactly as another.

Website Disclaimer

Although Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd goal is to provide accurate information and photos on our website (www.amishherirlooms.ca), it may nonetheless occasionally contain inaccuracies or errors. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of materials or any opinion, advice or statement on the site. Customer agrees that visiting, ordering or using the site is at Customer's sole risk. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd does not warrant that the site, its services, or e-mails which are sent to or from it are free of viruses or other harmful components. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd will not be held liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of the site. To the extent permissible by law, Amish Heirlooms furniture disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd is not liable for any damages, including consequential, indirect, and exemplary or punitive damages arising out of Customer's use of the site or purchase of products through the site.

Intellectual Property

All content, material, artwork, graphics, logos, photographs and text are the sole and exclusive property of Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd. No content or material from may be copied, transmitted, reproduced or otherwise modified without the express written consent of Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd.

Furniture Shipping / Deliveries / Pickups

Curb side Delivery: (i) Customer agrees to provide adequate assistance to the delivery driver during unloading at the curb of Customer's home. It is Customer's responsibility to un-package the furniture items and move the items into the home. Extra charges will apply in the event the Customer requests the shipment be carried inside the home or office. (ii)Delivery with Inside Home Setup: The two delivery men will deliver the furniture, carry the furniture to the room(s) requested on the ground floor, setup the furniture and remove the packaging materials from the customer's home. Furniture prices do not include shipping charges. Items are shipped using Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd company trucks or through a third party packaging and shipping company. Customer must be present at home or office during the scheduled delivery time in order to avoid a re-delivery charge of $50.00, plus an amount equal to two times the original delivery fees. (iii)In Home Setup: IN HOME SETUP services are available should Customer require the furniture to be setup in the home or office.IN HOME SETUP fees are calculated separately and are due with the final 50% balance of Customer's order, required prior to order shipment. (iv)Pick-up: Once an order has been completed and the customer has been notified of its availability, pick up of furniture must occur within thirty (30) calendar days. Customer agrees to pickup furniture within 30 days of notification that furniture is ready for pickup. (v)Storage Fees: Customer agrees to pay Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd storage services and related fees in the event the furniture remains at Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd after 45 days from date of notice. Storage fees are payable in advance at the rate of 1.5% of the invoice total per month after day 45. Customer agrees to pay any unpaid storage fees at the time the furniture is picked up. If more than six months of storage fees are unpaid, the furniture will be available for sale to the general public and Customer agrees to pay applicable re-stocking fees. See Shipping Information page for more information.

Privacy Policy

Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd is a furniture retailer committed to the highest standards of excellence and customer service. During the ordinary course of business, Amish Heirloom furniture may collect certain private information either directly from customers or authorized by our customers. Sales protects its customers' confidential information. All non public personal information provided to our company is held in the strictest confidence unless otherwise required by law or requested in writing by our customer. These records include all non public personal information that we collect from you during the course of a transaction or potential transaction.

Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd may collect non public personal information such as personal finances, addresses or personal identification numbers which are needed to complete a transaction. The type of information collected depends on the type of transaction(i.e. cash, check, credit card or other third party financing).No information is disclosed to non affiliated third parties, except as permitted or required by law. In addition, Amish Heirlooms Furniture Ltd limits employee and agent access to information only to those who have a business reason for knowing, and only to non affiliated parties as permitted by law. (For example, when authorized by the customer our company may from time to time need to discuss your financial situation with a third party financing company). Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd maintains a secure office, computer environment and website.

Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd does not sell or otherwise share your personal information to any mailing list vendors or solicitors for any purpose. We may send special offers or other important information to those registered as online store members. Online store members have the option of unsubscribing from this list. Amish Heirlooms furniture ltd does not send unsolicited spam emails.